28' Inflatable FreeFall Double Jump Platform (With Airbag) Interactive Game

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Dimensions: 28′ L x 22′ W x 24′ H Platform Ht. 12’ / 18’, Weight: 625 lbs. Airbag 954 lbs.

Producing a FreeFall event with our air bag system is the best way to captivate any crowd! It’s designed for the general public so whether it is a national multi-day event, Carnival, picnic or pay-to-play, you are guaranteed to get long lines of participants waiting to give it a GO! The FreeFall experience is suitable for a wide range of participants from 6-65 years of age. Everyone can do it, and everyone will have a blast doing it!

This mobile stunt jumping tower can handle large crowds of all age groups because it’s not necessary to attach a safety harness to the jumper. Simply climb the FreeFall jumping tower and jump off from the 12’h platform or the 18’h platform (120-160PPH).
Our designers took time to learn techniques from stunt professionals such as Steve Wolf from the Stunt Ranch in Texas. Steve and his team rate the bag as nothing less than AWESOME and the softest and safest air bags ever designed!

FreeFall dropping is the newest extreme sport that everyone is talking about and it’s great for building confidence as well as producing massive amounts of adrenaline and is just as much fun to watch from the ground.

The twin-platform is designed so that participants must first successfully complete the lower 12’ jump to ensure “proper landing position” technique prior to attempting the higher 18’ platform. If the participant does not successfully jump as per written and verbal instruction, then the jumper does not move up to the higher jump platform!

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