Q- How long does it take to receive my item from order to delivery?

A- After a customer orders we will produce 3D concept art that shows the item with size dimensions, color and if it applies logos and placement of such.  This stage usually takes around 3-4 business days to complete. It is then sent via email to the customer for approval. Any changes need to made at the concept art stage since once it goes into production products can not be altered. Once the concept art is approved by the customer the item will then go into the production stage. This stage of the order takes around 7-10 days to complete. Once completed it is then inflated and pictures are taken that are sent (via email) to the customer so they can view their item before shipment. It's shipped out to it's destination which takes around 5-7 days. So around 3-4 weeks total on average, but can take sightly longer depending on our manufacturer work load, what the customers custom requirements are or holidays.

Q- Can my business or personal logo be printed on the item?

A- Yes, logos and other printings can be done on most of our inflatable items.

Q- Can your products be custom made to specs I need or desire?

A- Yes, nearly all of our items can be custom made to the customers specs. Extra costs apply for custom made items.

Q- Do I get a discount if I order items in bulk?

A- Yes, depending on how many are ordered a discount can be applied. Contact us for details.

Q- Am I responsible for any duties, taxes or custom fees when I receive the item?

A- Yes, the customer is responsible for any and all fees applied by their country of origin or any other agency involved with the shipment and/or delivery of the item.

Q- Can I return or cancel an item?

A- An item can only be returned due to a manufacturer error within 30 days of receiving the item. Used or custom items are not returnable for any reason. You can only cancel items before they go into the production stage. Any cancellations requests after production has started can not be done. 

Q- My item was delayed or lost due to shipping company and/or customs mishandling what can I do?

A- Unfortunately once products leave our warehouse and are in third party hands we have little to no control as to when you will actually receive it. The shipping companies we use (DHL, UPS, FedEx) provide tracking codes and usually take about 7-10 business days to ship from our manufacturer to your door. In some cases (like with shipping company backlogs for instance) it could take longer then the original estimated time. Customs can also delay shipments for any reason and could also cause long delays. Absolutely NO refunds or cancellations are allowed due to these potential problems since they are completely out of our control. Inflatable Fun Warehouse makes no promises or guarantees as to the accuracy of the shipping or customs time frame.