Marketing Inflatables

Marketing Inflatables

If you're in charge of marketing your business, sports team or event you'll need to be creative and bold to outdo your competition. Marketing has never been easy but with the amount of businesses vying for the fickle attention of today's consumers increasing it's getting harder to reach your target audience. This can be especially daunting if your market is a younger audience. Getting the attention of kids from preschool to grad school is becoming increasingly more difficult unless you've found a way to hack into their smart phones. However, giant inflatable products including bounce houses, costumes, product replicas and games can be used effectively to gain the attention of the people who will help drive sales and make your business profitable.


One of the factors that will determine how successful your marketing campaign goes is where you chose to use marketing inflatable products. Some locations that will yield the best results include:

- School Events
- Sporting Events
- Fairs & Carnivals
- Parades
- New Store Openings
- Concerts

Positioning your brand where it can be seen by the most people is crucial in getting your message out and being remembered by the people that matter. Choosing events and activities that attract large crowds is a great place to use colorful and creative marketing inflatables. 


Using inflatable products for marketing and advertising is nothing new so you need to be creative when designing an inflatable that will be used to promote a service or product. Using the same balloons and costumes that others are using won't separate your brand from the rest. If you are going to invest in a marketing inflatable the only way to go is custom. We have an experienced team of graphic designers who can work with you to plan, design and create effective marketing inflatables that will speak to your core audience and get the reaction you need to drive sales.